Handpicked Authentic Tribal Jewelry Collection

Classic Silks Inc brings you Ruvi Online for an authentic tribal jewelry collection handpicked from various countries worldwide. Our collector jewelry and designer accessories make a fashionable statement that anyone will admire.

You will find one-of-a-kind pieces of genuine handmade jewelry from around the world.

The Beauty of Traditional Arts

Jewelry making is an ancient practice found in virtually every culture worldwide. No matter where or when, humans have always created beautiful adornments when resources are available. Some jewelry was crafted for religious or ceremonial purposes; other designs came about purely for fashion. Regardless, each culture created unique traditional designs, many of which are still produced and worn today. 

Our shop showcases the diverse beauty of jewelry from around the world. We source our products by traveling in Afghanistan, India, Turkey, and other countries, so you can see a variety of traditions and styles in our store. Some of our jewelry is 50 years old, while other items are new and show off modern trends in the local culture. Explore our selection of women’s fashionable jewelry today to find the perfect piece to complement any outfit. 

Committed to Authenticity

 Shopping for designer jewelry made by tribal artisans can be difficult due to the number of fakes on the market. Our online jewelry shop is committed to authenticity, which is why we purchase our products in person, either from the artisans themselves or at open markets in the country of origin. To learn more about our sourcing, contact us today.

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